Predefined Template for Opt-In and Standard Popup are included

Open Popup

Event Handler
Multiple ways to Show Up your Popups based on Visitor Behavior


Popup Inside
10 Types of different Content can be set inside the Popup, no just a simple Form


over 100+
Includes so many options and features to cover all the desires
  • Smart Targeting

    Restrict your Audience and Show up the Popup on a certain time

  • Opt-In Integration

    with multiple Email Marketing Platforms you can manage very easy your subscribers

  • Form Builder

    Based on CkEditor you can built your own Form

  • Statistics

    For a proper feedback about the Metrics, Locations and Visitors

  • Manage System

    Any Popup can be Duplicate, Edited or Previewed from the manage List

  • Time Settings

    Time Scheduling and TimeZone restriction can be set.

  • Dynamic Position

    Any Position, Floating or not and a manageable Background

  • Periodically Updates

    With a full developing team behind it, all the Items are kept up to date and new features are added periodically

  • 24/7 Support

    If you need any help, a dedicated team is set to handle all the support requests

  • Fully Integration

    Built to work with any custom Theme without structure conflicts.

User Friendly interface

with more than 100 of Features


Open Event Handler

Activate the Popup in multiple ways, depends of your desires, when Loading/Exit Page, use Try to Leave the Page, on Scroll, Trigger Click/Hover


On Load Page

As a standard Popup, can show up when the Page is fully Loaded, of course with an option delay if is set.


On Exit Page

If a visitor wants to close or leave the current Page, a Popup can show up make it to stay on the current Page.


Try to Leave Page

A alternative and less straight way to show up a Popup when a visitor try to leave the current Page.


Click on Page

A popup can be set to Show up on the First click on the page. Is a little more aggressive way to show up a popup but very productive.


Scroll Top/Bottom

Based on Scroll activity reaching on the Bottom or Top of the Page, a Popup may show up.


Click/Hover Trigger

Any element of the page can become a Trigger for a Popup based on a Click or Hover action.


9 Email Marketing Platforms

the most email marketing platform are available for Opt-In Popups


10 different Content Options

the most email marketing platform are available for Opt-In Popups


Content Box

from current page
A box content from page can show up as a Popup

Specific Page

or post
A specific Post or WorPress Page can be set to be displayed

Other Features

With over 100 features available, is pretty easy to cover any desires and particular cases to get in touch with your visitors via a custom Smart Popup. Your Visitors can be Targeted, Tracked and the Popup can show up based on their activity and behavior on your website.

General Options

  • Wrapper Position: Fixed/Absolute/Relative
  • Auto Centered
  • Custom Top/Bottom Position
  • Custom Left/Right Position
  • Pixels or Percentage
  • Custom Width/Height Dimension
  • Wrapper Background Opacity
  • Wrapper Background Image

Mobile Features

  • Show only on Web Devices
  • Show only on Mobile
  • “Max Width” for Mobile Devices
  • Close by click on Popup
  • Display only on Android Devices
  • Display only on iOS Devices

Show In

  • Pages Type
  • Posts Type
  • Based on Custom Post Types
  • on Categories
  • on Arhives
  • Based on WP Templates
  • Custom Link
  • Exclude option for any Type or Option

Event Handler

  • Open Effects over 20
  • Open Effect Duration
  • Open Delay
  • Close Effects” over 15
  • Open Effect Duration<
  • Show Up Duration
  • 8 Show Up Types

Close Button

  • Over 10 predefined Close Buttons
  • Disabling Close action (for Locker Popups)
  • Custom Close Button Position
  • Disable Esc key
  • Disable Click Out
  • Locker feature

Content Box

  • Custom Background Popup
  • Custom Border Options
  • Custom Border Radius

Targeting Display

  • Only for Registered Users
  • Only for UnRegistered Users
  • First Time Visit
  • Has Commented Users
  • Not Commented yet Users
  • Visits only form Specific Search Engines
  • Visits only form Specific Referrals
  • Session WorkFlow
  • Target Location
  • Custom Session Time
  • Max. Shows on Session
  • Display based on no. of Visited Pages
  • Display after a no. of Visited Pages
  • “DontShow again” option

Scheduling Time

  • Targeting based on TimeZone
  • Date Interval to Show up
  • Time Interval to Show up
  • Day Type: WeekEnd
  • Day Type: WeekDays

WordPress Smart Popup  is a great plugin that will allow you to create unlimited pop-ups with a friendly user interface. You will then be able to use the shortcode or PHP code in your content items (posts, pages) or templates.

With over 100 options grouped in 9 sections this plugin will allow you to create fully customized popUps.

You can set each element in absolute values (number of pixels) or relative values (% based on relevant element).

The idea behind this plugin was to create a really useful tool for people that have a real interest in their audience and one of the most important feature of this plugin is the ability to filter though the visitors and only be displayed to the targeted audience. For example you can select to display the pop-up only to unregistered users, or only to first time visitors. You can imagine that making such decisions requires some kind of information about the visit and the visitor to be stored, so you even have this information available in the admin section.

If you want to be super aggressive with your pop-ups you can hide the close button and disable the escape key and mouse click outside of the pop-up and make the visitor watch the message for the duration you set.

Some PopUp examples:

  • Banner PopUp
  • Subscription PopUp
  • FaceBook Like PopUp
  • Photo Slider PopUp
  • Google Maps PopUp
  • Form PopUp
  • Exit Page PopUp
  • Leave the page PopUp
  • onClick PopUp
  • Scrolling PopUp
  • Video PopUp
  • HTML Content PopUp
  • Delayed PopUp
  • AutoClose PopUp
  • Locker PopUp
  • Cookies Inform PopUp
  • Advertising PopUp


The most complete and best ever built Popup plugin! With more than 100 features, you can create so many types of popups. The Smart PopUp plugin has a key feature, the targeted audition.

Don’t display the popup for everybody and anytime, be smart and pick your audience. Out of the “Load Page Popups” you can set the popups on exit page or when the user clicks on a button. Also, FaceBook and Google Maps popups are now available

WordPress Team Plugin
WordPress Team Plugin
WordPress Smart Popup